Things I use

This is a running page of tools that I use inspired to make a page of things I use like the ones used by:

I am doing this because I am curious in other people's setups, so I want to share in that content! The theme you will see with my setup is that I separate the look of my home and work setup because when I am at home, it is more for fun and on my pet projects. For work, I like to set up the mindset that I am focusing on work-related tasks. With that, off we go!


  • Personal: I bought my 15-inch MacBook Pro in November 2018 after my 13-inch MacBook Pro (late 2011) became so slow that I could not handle coding on it anymore. I am not sad about it, it took me through my last two years of college, my early professional career, and a coding bootcamp. It still works. My new laptop is a lot faster with a lot more screen real estate. It is like night and day!

  • Monitor: I need a new portable monitor because for some reason, my ASUS one does not work with my current laptop 🤔


  • Text Editor: My go-to text editor is VSCode. I have tried Atom and it was too slow on any of my machines. I also did not like all the setup required on Sublime.

  • Terminal: I use iTerm and oh-my-zsh.

  • My Favorite Tools

    • Slack: I am on several channels depending on the computer I am on. I think the only ones that I do not have on my personal machine are my work slack and a few library-specific channels.

    • Momentum: This is a Chrome plugin that I see every time I open up a new tab or open the browser. I can use it to write down a daily goal as well as a to-do list.

    • Wappalyzer: Another Chrome plugin! I am nosey and like to see what technologies websites are built with.

    • WAVE: As a front-end developer, I definitely like to check the accessibility of a website.

    • Sketch: I am learning my way around Sketch thanks to a free trial, but it is great with prototyping.